Drunk Man Threatens To Jump Off Water Tank In Nizamabad

10 Jun, 2020 17:15 IST|Sakshi Post

NIZAMABAD: In a shocking incident, a man created ruckus in the Nizamabad district by climbing on a water tank and threatening to jump off from it on Tuesday.

According to police, the couple Chithadi Kashi Ram and Sayamma had differences and fought often. Upset about the behavior of his wife yesterday, Kashi Ram, who is also an alcoholic, threatened her that he will kill himself. He was under the influence of alcohol then.

He stepped out and went on to climb the tank, according to circle inspector Prasad. His wife too reached the spot and pleaded with him to come down, but he refused to listen to her.

Eye-witnesses informed the police who rushed to the spot and asked him to come down. As he constantly kept refusing, he was later brought down with the help of a fire engine.

Police have arrested and took him into custody.

A suicide attempt case has been registered as per the complaint by the wife, police said.

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