IPL 2021: Rahul Dravid's Advice on How To Enjoy The Game

8 Apr, 2021 15:16 IST|Sakshi Post

IPL 2021 is just around the corner. The first match will be played on April 9. Opening the series will be Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Mumbai Indians (MI). As the excitement increases, fans cannot wait any longer. But at the same time, we also have people who are just not into IPL.

While millions like to watch the series and wait every year to see their favourite team win, many do not find anything good in it. They do not like IPL and would probably even say that they hate it. But what if you plan to give it a shot? To help you through the process, we have Rahul Dravid giving some tips.

The former captain of the Indian cricket team and now the coach of India-A and India U19, Dravid has shared few tips on how to enjoy the series. The director of cricket operations at the National Cricket Academy shared that firstly you will need to alter few things. Many people compare the IPL to Test cricket. This is a big no-no. You cannot expect the same things here.

Dravid shares that firstly you will need to get the test cricket agenda out of your minds. This is completely different. If you keep making comparisons and expect things similar to the test matches, it will be difficult for you.  

Similarities remain to the game having a ball, a bat, 22 players and other such things. But apart from that, there are no similarities. IPL is unique in its own form. When you pay attention to details, you will see that the strike rate, required runs and other such things are different here.

Further explaining the difference and how IPL is played, Dravid shared that the pressure here is different. Every single ball matters, every little decision matters. If you want to enjoy the series, you can get deeper into how the game actually works. You can watch the discussions, analysis, the match and the debate that happens after the match. All these things help a person to understand the game better.

There are many things you can do which will help you in analyzing the game and changing your mind about IPL.

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