IPL 2021: Fan Expectations Ahead of MI vs RR Match

29 Apr, 2021 11:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Yesterday’s match between SRH and CSK was won by CSK. Today’s first IPL match will be between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals. Both MI and RR have the same number of wins and losses.

MI has 2 wins and 3 losses out of a total of 5 matches played, RR has the same. The match between these two is going to be a crucial one. The win for RR will give them a higher spot on the table. As of now, they are running in the second last position, but with a win in this match, they can jump multiple spots.

The first match of the day will begin at 3.30 pm. let us wait and see. Will RR get a win and jump spots or will Mumbai Indians stay stable on the leaderboard. Check out predictions and fan reactions ahead of the match today.

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