ICC Admin Indian, Scream Pakistani Fans After Profile Picture Vs Full Pic Meme Goes Viral

30 Jan, 2021 20:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Twitter was raging after a post by ICC went viral. The International Cricket Council (ICC) trolled Pakistan cricketer Hasan Ali and posted a picture of him on twitter. It was a profile picture v/s full picture meme and it was not taken very well by everyone.

In a two picture meme, ICC trolled Hasan Ali. They used a screen-grab (still) of Hasan from Day 3 of the Pakistan vs South Africa first Test match at Karachi. The picture on the left was zoomed enough to make it look like Ali is taking an amazing shot. But the right side picture gives the truth, where it shows that Ali was actually out as the ball actually hit the stumps behind him.

The pictures were captioned as “Your profile picture vs the full picture.” This post went viral on social media including Facebook and Instagram. Many people enjoyed the joke and had a good laugh. They had no problem with it. But some pointed out that it was disrespectful.

Many people trolled ICC while many shared their own memes. The comment section was a divided one with everyone having various thoughts on the joke. Some said this was too harsh.

While many Indian cricket fans had fun with the meme and enjoyed it thoroughly, Pakistani fans on the other hand, did not appreciate the ‘disrespectful’ joke targeting their country’s player. Fans in Pakistan expressed their anger and said ICC is an international governing body of Cricket yet they can’t show professionalism.  

This led to jokes by Pakistani users saying that ICC’s twitter page was being handled by an India. 

This is how Twitter reacted 

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