Want To Study Abroad? Check Here For Scholarships, Medical Insurance, Education Loans

29 Jun, 2021 13:02 IST|Sakshi Post

The Indian government is all set to launch a new portal to help Indian students and their parents who are caught in a maze of questions in terms of studying abroad. The government announced that it will soon launch Global Indian Students Portal (GISP) as a reliable and one-point service delivery platform for the students. Here’s a detailed article in this regard that explains the functionality of the new portal.

What does GISP provide?

The GISP will offer a module for the registration of students and provide country-wise information on universities, colleges and courses with links to the institutes. The portal also provide info on substitute institutions that are equivalent to the one chosen by the student. The portal will also display information on he institute's recognition in that particular country. 

Besides, the portal will have links to the Indian Mission abroad and details of the Education counsellor.

GISP will clarify queries of students going abroad with respect to scholarships, medical insurance, education loans etc. It will provide details of scholarship from both government and private sources and also about the agencies providing health insurance to the students.

The new portal will provide a broader outlook of the foreign countries including the political and economic situation and also the number of students already studying in that country. A detailed set of FAQs on countries will be made available for students.

The Indian Mission abroad decided to launch the portal for the benefit of students who are enrolling themselves in fake foreign universities. Indian Mission abroad does issue advisories warning students about fake universities and some missions also share a list of genuine universities on their website for the benefit of students.

The GISP will now be a one-stop platform for such information on all countries. The Foreign Ministry has consulted the Ministry of Education, Health Ministry, Medical Council of India, Association of Indian Universities, and the University Grants Commission before going ahead with setting up of GISP.

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