Urdu Medium In Telangana Anganwadi Centres From Next Year

28 Sep, 2021 13:40 IST|Sakshi Post

Beginning next year, Urdu will be taught at Telangana Anganwadi centres.

Telangana: Women and Child Welfare Minister Satyavathi Rathod said that the Urdu medium will be implemented in Anganwadi Centers across the state from next year.

The Minister told the Legislative Council that 412 Anganwadi teachers are teaching Urdu at the moment, adding, "We are teaching in Urdu in Muslim areas and in local languages like Lambada and Koya in tribal areas."

She stated that there were 35,700 Anganwadi Centres in the State and that plans for the establishment of 870 additional Anganwadi Centres had been forwarded to the Centre in response to a query from MLCs K Janardhan Reddy, K Kavitha, and others in the House.

The Minister stated that suggestions for wage revisions for instructors in Mini Anganwadi centres had already been forwarded to the State administration.

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