Treehouse Felicitates Teachers

5 Oct, 2021 08:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Online learning space TreeHouse celebrated World Teacher's Day on October 5 and felicitated the teachers who have gone beyond the call of duty during the pandemic to be not just educators but also Covid warriors.

These teachers poured their heart and soul into uplifting the spirits of young children during the pandemic and turned online classes into fun, uplifting, informative, and engaging sessions. They educated, motivated, and encouraged children who could not experience playschool activities in person.

On the virtual platform, apart from academics, they ensured that the emotional needs and mental health of the children were taken care of with engrossing creative activities like music, dance, mime, and games.

To prepare children for academic life in the years to come, educational modules were introduced to increase their cognitive development, language skills, and basic understanding of math, science, and the world at large.

In the felicitation ceremony, TreeHouse acknowledged that the teachers took on the challenge posed by the pandemic and showed extraordinary initiative, and demonstrated exceptional care to keep their students engaged, well-informed, and happy.

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