Telangana Minority Students Yet to Receive Funds Under Overseas Scholarship Scheme: Report

27 Oct, 2021 13:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Minority students studying overseas in Telangana are encountering financial challenges as a result of the non-release of funding under the Overseas Scholarship Scheme (OSS). As a result, kids are compelled to rely on their parents for financial assistance.

Minority students studying abroad have not received funds from the 2019 Overseas Scholarship Schemes. Their parents are compelled to mortgage their homes to finance their student's tuition.

The OSS has a budget of Rs 20 lacs announced by the government. However, these students are having a terrible time in foreign nations due to the non-release of all money.

The students claim that they have never had such issues in the past since they were able to work part-time jobs to finance their tuition. However, because of the Corona pandemic, such part-time work is no longer available.

According to Minority Welfare Department sources, the department completed all of the paperwork and sent the data to the Treasury on October 19, but the funds have yet to be deposited into the students' accounts.

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