Tamil Nadu to Reopen Primary Schools From November 1

29 Sep, 2021 10:27 IST|Sakshi Post

From November 1, Tamil Nadu primary school students will be permitted to attend offline classes.

Tamil Nadu Primary Schools: Physical education courses for children in all schools (government-run, state-aided, and other boards) will begin on November 1 after the government received feedback from medical experts, teachers, and parents.

Physical education lessons for students in grades 1 to 8 will resume in schools on November 1, the Tamil Nadu government said on Tuesday, after a hiatus of almost a year and a half. Following a meeting at the Secretariat headed by Chief Minister M K Stalin to evaluate continuing efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the administration announced that the ban on social, political, cultural, and religious gatherings would remain in effect.

Physical education classes for children in all schools (government-run, state-aided, and other boards) will resume on November 1 based on feedback from medical experts, teachers, and parents, the government announced. To avoid virus transmission, the classes will be held according to the Standard Operating Procedures.

Stakeholders have expressed concern that students were experiencing stress and a learning gap as a result of being confined to their homes since the outbreak of the pandemic last year, according to the government. From September 1, students in grades 9 through 12 resumed physical education classes at schools.

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, places of worship will remain closed, according to an official statement. The administration announced a relaxation, saying that meetings at district collectorates to address public concerns would be permitted every Monday and that similar gatherings to address farmer grievances would be held every month.

In light of the impending festival season, the government has urged citizens to avoid visiting locations that may be crowded. The government stated that following COVID-19 recommendations alone may help avoid a third wave of the virus, and urged citizens and businesses to comply.

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