Recur Club Celebrates Women Founders’ Contribution to Startup Ecosystem

15 Mar, 2022 13:40 IST|Sakshi Post

Recur Club is working towards bridging the gender gap in fundraising by female entrepreneurs and facilitating a better environment for women in business.

The current entrepreneurial landscape in India is very interesting. India has the third-largest startup ecosystem. Although 14% of startup founders are women, only 1.4% of the funds invested in startups founded by women are women. As the pandemic worsens for women as well, one of the problems women entrepreneurs face is their reluctance to take out loans because they perceive them as too risky.

Women entrepreneurs manage their resources at their discretion and work outside the home sometimes. By improving the environment for women in business, we hope to close the gender gap in funding and create better opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

As part of this initiative, we are partnering with Womennovator, a global incubator for women, and WE Hub to help female entrepreneurs access growth capital. We have also decided to exempt all regular fees for women founders who raise growth capital through the March platform. Fortunately, it is widely recognised that women's entrepreneurship is an important source of untapped economic growth. In the long run, women entrepreneurs should hire other women and be an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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