Psychometric Tests Made Free For More Than 10,000 Students

29 Sep, 2021 11:32 IST|Sakshi Post

Career counselling portal pledges to allow free psychometric tests to students up until May 2022.

"It started merely as a branding tool, but given the zeal students showed to avail of the free psychometric test, we decided to extend the contest for a year," says Surabhi Dewra, founder of the career counselling portal To elucidate, the counselling portal offers free psychometric tests to students who win the social media contest that it conducts in the last week of every month. It started in June where the social media accounts of the company posted a psychometric giveaway contest as part of gaining traction on the web. But the team soon realised that several students showed a keen interest in participating in the test, which was not the case when there wasn't free access to the test. "We aren’t a large entity to undertake a CSR initiative. This is our bit to lend a helping hand," Surabhi adds.

The giveaway contest will be on until next May, which will mark the completion of one year. Along with the social media channels, the portal is also channelising the activity through NGOs and government schools. "We are reaching out to avenues with less fortunate people to provide them with access to tests. Alternatively, they are welcome to find us too," Surabhi elaborates.

Careerguide intends to offer the test to not less than 10,000 students, which amounts to tests worth over Rs 1 crore.

Psychometry is a science that helps one assess one’s interest, aptitude, and personality type. The winners of the contest are given a code that they can use to gain access to the test to help gain insight into which is the right career option for them. While it is the student who will take the test, the contest is open to parents as well, who may pass on the code to their children.

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