Mahindra University Hyderabad Announces Admissions to Ph.D. Program in Engineering, Applied Sciences, Humanities for Fall academic session of 2021

11 Jun, 2021 19:03 IST|Sakshi Post

The session is scheduled to begin in September or October of 2021.

MU currently has 40 Ph.D. scholars enrolled since the program's inception in the fall of 2020.

Mahindra University, Hyderabad, announced the launch of its Fall intake for admission to its Ph.D. Program in Engineering, Applied Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences for the 2021 academic session. The last date for submission of applications for admission to the program is June 30, 2021, for the session that will commence in September-October, 2021. The details of the full-time Ph.D. program, qualifications, experience, etc., are available on the website.

"Ph.D. students at Mahindra University will have great opportunities for interdisciplinary research by working closely with our faculty, many of who are very active researchers in their fields of specialization. We have always promoted research at an institutional level and today boast of the excellent infrastructure and an impressive line-up of live research projects from institutions, Government and Corporates in India and abroad", says Dr. Yajulu Medury, Vice-Chancellor, Mahindra University.

Ph.D. programs are offered in Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics, and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering disciplines in the engineering domain and Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in the Applied Sciences domain. Scholars interested in conducting research on innovation, start-ups, and tech entrepreneurship are encouraged to apply in the entrepreneurship field. to pursue liberal arts at the Ph.D. level are welcome to apply, as Mahindra University has a strong Humanities and Social Sciences program, where students can pursue research in English and American Literature, Indian Writings in English, Women’s Writing, Strategic Management, Cultural and Gandhian Studies, Professional Ethics, Philosophy, etc.

Full-time Ph.D. scholars will get an assistantship of Rs. 25,000 per month plus free boarding and lodging on the MU campus. They will have to mandatorily do a Teaching Assistantship of 8 hours a week. The last date to apply for this program is June 30, 2021.

MU promotes research at the institutional level, with a focus on real-world problem solving as well as fundamental problems in science and technology. It works on local and global government and corporate research projects, primarily to advance basic and applied research. Sponsored research grants, industrial research, and a focus on research publications and presentations in international journals and conferences ensure that there is an unwavering commitment to quality research.

MU is well equipped in terms of research infrastructure and modern laboratories. 140+ papers in peer-reviewed international journals and 160+ presented in international and national conferences over the last 5 years, with over 20 active research teams working on Indian and global research projects, showcase its commitment towards enabling and encouraging quality research.

23 well-equipped labs enable students to get the first-hand experience of various technologies relevant to their research areas of interest. Some of these include the Super Computer Lab, VLSI Lab, Automotive Systems and Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory, Centre for Robotics, Environmental Engineering Lab, Photolithography Lab, thin-film deposition equipment, THz-specific spectrometer, Raman spectrometer, etc. and are being continuously augmented with new equipment and instruments. A new Ricagu (Japan)-made XRD, which is a high-end material characterization equipment, is being very soon added as a central facility at Mahindra University.

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