Infosys Jobs: 55K Vacant Positions to Be Filled

17 Feb, 2022 18:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai: Infosys, the world's second-largest IT exporter, may employ more than 55,000 fresh graduates from colleges in FY23, according to a top executive.

Salil Parekh, the Bengaluru-based company's chief executive, said there are enormous prospects in the tech sector for engineering and science graduates, but warned them that it will be a profession where they will have to master new skills in short periods.

"We will recruit 55k college grads in FY22. We think we will recruit that or a higher number in the next year (FY23)," Parekh said while addressing IT industry lobby Nasscom’s annual NTLF event.

According to him, Infosys is aiming for a 20% increase in yearly sales in FY22, which gives a tremendous chance for a newcomer to join the firm and thrive.

According to Parekh, the organisation places a strong emphasis on skill development, training new hires for six to 12 weeks before deploying them on the floor.

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In addition, unlike its competitors, it has a programme for reskilling all of its existing employees, ensuring that existing personnel continue to reskill and remain relevant.

Parekh told young college students that there are many changes ahead of them, but that they must be willing to learn new skills at shorter intervals.

Established personnel might also benefit from reskilling every decade, but technological cycles would be significantly shorter in the future, requiring fresh graduates to reskill every three to five years, he added.

According to Parekh, Infosys expects a bright future for the company, which will be fueled mostly by cloud-based services. He emphasised that one of the primary areas of focus will be preparing employees for future jobs.

With work pouring in from large-scale digital transformation projects for customers, Parekh said his organisation is prepared to collaborate with the client's vendors and other stakeholders.

To meet the demands of the customer, it can also combine public cloud, private cloud, and platform as a service.

In response to the increased interest in India's software-as-a-service (Saas) offerings, Parekh said Infosys has revamped its Finacle banking solution and expects it to contribute higher sums to the firm.

According to him, Equinox, a comparable platform for the burgeoning e-commerce industry, is gaining steam, as is an insurance service.

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