Hyderabad No.2 in IT Employee Salaries on Randstand Survey

25 Jan, 2022 11:04 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The IT sector, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and banking and financial services are just a few of the industries and sectors that have thrived in Hyderabad. And if you're just starting in your career or seeking opportunities in mid-level management, the city of pearls appears to be the appropriate place to be.

Hyderabad is placed second in terms of average CTC for junior and mid-level employment roles, according to a Randstand survey. In addition, the city has excelled in specific job roles in terms of the average salary earned in the IT sector.

According to the Randstad Income Trends Report 2021, the average salary in Hyderabad is Rs 5.93 lakh per annum for junior level (0–5 years of experience) and Rs 17.71 lakh per annum for mid-level (6–14 years of experience).

In Bengaluru, a junior-level employee will earn Rs 6.71 lakh per year, while a mid-level person will earn Rs 18.06 lakh per year. Meanwhile, the poll found that the average CTC for senior-level personnel (with more than or equivalent to 15 years of experience) in Hyderabad is Rs 29.78 lakh per year, while it is Rs 34.47 lakh per year in Bengaluru.

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"Hyderabad, a strong IT hub, occupies the second place in the junior- and mid-level job brackets. While the variance at junior levels is significant at 11.6 per cent, it is a close second in the mid-level segment at a mere 2 per cent. However, at the senior level, the differential against Bengaluru is high at 16.5 per cent," according to the report.

In the IT sector, the city outperforms Bengaluru in mid-level roles for Agile, Android Developer, Automation Testing, C, Customer Service Executive (Voice), Data Scientist, Database Administrator, Full Stack Developer, Information Security, J2EE, Java, Networking, Manual Testing, Python, Quality Analyst, SAP, Software Developer, System Administrator, and Unix.

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