How to Make Your Video Resume Impressive to Get That Job

20 Jan, 2022 11:35 IST|Sakshi Post

What is the best way to build a professional video resume?

A candidate can create a generic video resume or a particular video resume, depending on the job she or he is applying for.

New Delhi, India: The addition of a video resume to your text resume enhances the value of your job application. Though it is not required to submit a video CV with your application, it is beneficial in some cases, such as for television reporters, news anchors, public relations professionals, radio jockeys, actors, teachers, soft-skill trainers, and front-office executives.

The reason for this is that a video CV offers companies with additional information such as the applicant's communication and presentation skills, which aids in making better decisions. The video resume should be brief and geared toward informing the company about the applicant's specific abilities and experiences that match the firm's expectations.

A candidate can construct a general video resume or a particular video resume, depending on the job she or he is applying for. If an applicant has learned various talents, she or he can create multiple video resumes and should use a different video resume for each application.

To create a video CV, an applicant must first write a script. The script should be tailored to the employer's specifications. For example, if an employer is seeking a UI/UX designer, for example, the script should emphasise the UI/UX designer's talents and experiences. If the business is seeking someone with both product and UI/UX design experience, the applicant should highlight both. Before writing the script for the video CV, the applicant should thoroughly understand the stated job tasks and responsibilities.

For example, if the company is seeking a digital media marketing executive, the applicant should first analyse whether she or he is qualified for the position because it is frequently noticed that applicants apply for jobs they are not qualified for. Even the most inexperienced candidates must have learned certain skills relevant to the job needs.

When you've finished writing your script, be ready to make a professional video. To begin with, you should dress professionally. When making a video resume, it's best to dress up. Hire a professional cameraperson, use a collar mic for audio, make sure the lighting is good, and the background is neat and professional.

The applicant's face should be well lit, with a light on only half of the face being avoided. Keep in mind that a poorly produced video resume may cause companies to draw a negative conclusion. While recording your video, be relaxed and unconcerned; you must project confidence. Look through the camera lenses while recording. The camera should be placed at the same level as your eyes.

A skilled video resume producer edits the video clips to ensure that no lines are repeated or that there is no background noise. The editor employs several professional virtual backgrounds to give the video a professional touch if the résumé was shot on a green or blue background.

Most online teaching platforms need a two-to-three minute video demonstration by the teacher. This is to assess the teachers' ability to communicate as well as provide information. You should write a decent screenplay and practise it in front of a mirror numerous times before heading for a final recording for these objectives.

Even if the applicants attempt to record the video themselves, it is recommended that they hire a professional cameraperson or use the best lighting and camera setup possible. If you're going to record your video résumé or introduction video lesson, make sure you have a professional camera, a collar microphone, and excellent three-point lighting. All of this gear is easily accessible via eCommerce platforms.

The video resume should preferably be no longer than 90 seconds. The opening video for teaching platforms is 120–180 seconds long. When you've finished making your video résumé or first video lesson, ask your peers for feedback. To make your video flawless, you need to incorporate valuable input. If it's a professional video CV, only show it to prospective employers. Always provide a text or print copy of your resume with your video resume.

A video resume is an add-on. Don't include any new skills or experiences that aren't already listed in your text resume. A polished video CV can increase your chances of getting an interview call.

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