HDFC Bank Job Ad Reads: 2021 Passouts Not Eligible to Apply, Deets Inside

4 Aug, 2021 11:04 IST|Sakshi Post

A bank employment advertisement states, "Students from the 2021 batch are not eligible," but then clarifies.

HDFC Bank Job Ad: After a job advertisement in a Tamil newspaper said that "2021 passed out candidates are not eligible," HDFC Bank issued a clarification." This is a typo and we regret the error. Graduates can apply irrespective of the year of passing if they meet the age criteria," HDFC Bank explained the situation. On Tuesday, a recruitment drive was held in Madurai.

A newspaper advertisement published by a private bank has worried netizens at a time when individuals who graduated in 2021 (after a whole year of online education during the pandemic) are concerned about their employment prospects.

"2021 passed out candidates are not eligible" reads a line in the advertisement, which invites graduates (aged below 28) for a walk-in interview in Madurai. It was for a role-based out of the districts in South Tamil Nadu.

The private bank in question has also published an explanation and expressed remorse for the situation.

"This is a typo and we regret the error. Graduates can apply irrespective of the year of passing as long as they meet the age criteria" an HDFC Bank spokesperson told a leading news agency.

A correct advertisement for the walk-in interview was also published in the newspaper, according to the report. Graduates are invited to walk-in interviews for the position of Branch Sales Officer, according to the most recent edition of the advertisement, which also states that "2021 passed out candidates are also eligible."

It is believed that the organisation in charge of the recruitment drive did not follow the proper process while publishing the original advertisement. This recruitment drive is said to have taken place in Madurai on Tuesday, with applicants from this year's graduating class among those who attended.

This advertisement has gone viral on social media and instant messaging platforms, coinciding with a flurry of memes about the "Corona batch," or students who graduated in 2021.

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