This Girl Used to Help Dad Sell Veggies, Now She's A Civil Court Judge

6 May, 2022 12:21 IST|Sakshi Post

Despite all odds, the daughter of a vegetable vendor passes the civil judicial exam.

She used to assist her father in the sale of vegetables.

Indore: The daughter of a vegetable seller in Madhya Pradesh's Indore has passed the civil judge recruitment exam.

Judge Ankita Nagar told ANI, "I wanted to become a doctor but medical studies cost much more, so I began to prepare for the judicial examinations instead. I did most of my studies on a government scholarship."

After finishing her schooling, Ankita used to help her father sell vegetables to make ends meet. "I got a lot of time to study during the lockdown. I studied online using YouTube tutorials. Although I received a scholarship from the government, there was financial trouble," she added.

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"To those children who do not study despite the privilege, I would like them to focus on their goal. There was a financial crisis to filling out the form during and after the lockdown, but I managed. Many people said, get married, but my parents asked me to concentrate on my studies," she stated.

Ankita ranked fifth in the Civil Judge exam under the SC category.

Ashok Nagar, Ankita's father, is a vegetable seller in the city's Musakhedi neighbourhood. "We wanted to give our daughter a fair chance in life. We have compromised a lot in the past six years for her education. She studied without any privileges and cleared the exam. We are proud of her. No one should force their daughters to marry but rather get them educated," her parents said.

Ankita's father, Ashok Nagar, said that his family had to work hard to save money for his daughter's education.

"We have no words to express our happiness. We struggled a lot and didn’t have much money, but we still saved a little money and taught our daughter Ankita," he added.

"People differentiate between son and daughter. I would ask them not to do it. A daughter is better than a son. Today everyone is coming to congratulate me. I have three children, one son has done MBA, the youngest daughter is married, and the middle daughter, Ankita, studied and became a judge. Girls should also get educated," Ashok remarked.

Laxmi Nagar, Ankita’s mother explained, "Our family runs only by selling vegetables. We used to keep the money for the daughter’s education. The last 5–6 years were very difficult for our family. I have given equal importance to my son and daughters and educated them."

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