Did BYJU'S Really Help IAS Aspirants Crack UPSC?

22 Oct, 2021 11:20 IST|Sakshi Post

According to BYJU'S advertisement, 37 per cent of the IAS 2020 class passed UPSC. It's misleading, say a few students.

UPSC CSE: According to BYJU'S advertisement, it coached 36 of the top 100 applicants for IAS officials. However, a number of them stated that they did not use the premium service.

BYJU's full-page advertisement makes it appear as though the ed-tech behemoth accompanied each UPSC topper from Prelims to Interview. However, some students state that it is not true.

NEW DELHI: Jagriti Awasthi's face was prominently shown in a full-page advertisement published in a major newspaper on October 2. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) had announced the results of the fairly difficult three-stage Civil Services Exam just a few days before, on September 26, and Awasthi had cleared it, ranking second in the country, and been selected for the 2020 batch of Indian Administrative Services officers.

Byju's, India's most well-known education technology business, claimed in the advertisement that its civil service tutoring division, Byju's IAS, had helped her pass the test. It hadn't, however, according to Jagriti.

Sarthak Agarwal (all-India rank 17), like Awasthi, was also featured in the advertisement. He was a Class 12 topper for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), but he informed the media that he had never utilised a professional tutoring service. The full-page advertising showed dozens of individuals, claiming that 36 of the top 100 candidates had studied with them for the civil service exam and that 281 out of 761 candidates (about 37 per cent) had trained with Byju's.

If true, educating 37% of an IAS batch to pass the highly competitive selection exam would not only be a remarkable achievement for one coaching company, but also a testament to the efficacy and influence of online learning in general. It isn't, though, according to the students featured in the advertisement. Students should be wary of deceptive ads.

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