Almost 70% Parents in Hyderabad Are Willing To Send Children Back To School: Survey

21 Sep, 2021 11:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Despite the fact that the state government has reopened schools and reduced lockdown restrictions after over 18 months, a survey found that almost 70% of parents in Hyderabad are willing to send their children back to school.

According to a new survey conducted by Edtech Company LEAD, while 59% of Hyderabad parents believe their children have suffered learning loss as a result of the pandemic, over 70% of them are prepared to send their children to school.

Parents feel that a comprehensive school experience is only feasible with the reopening, according to a new survey from Edtech giant LEAD.

The survey included 10,500 metro and non-metro parents with children in grades 1 through 10.

According to the survey, vaccination of school employees is a key priority for 22% of parents. Furthermore, metro parents ranked social separation as the most significant factor, followed by healthcare facilities (54%), whereas non-metros thought sports and social distancing were equally essential (52 per cent).

When it came to the problems that parents encountered during the pandemic, metro parents spent 3-4 hours per day in their children's schools, compared to 44% in non-metros. Furthermore, the majority of parents (63%) believe that involving children in a physical classroom improves social interaction.

LEAD co-founder and CEO Sumeet Mehta said, "Children belonging to the lowest income strata faced the maximum learning loss due to inaccessibility of data and devices. Our survey clearly shows 69 per cent Hyderabad parents say ‘YES’ to sending their children back to school. Schools need to be treated as essential utilities, and parents must send their children back to school with a positive attitude and an open mind."

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