What Can I Do With A Business Administration Degree?

25 Jan, 2021 17:37 IST|Sakshi Post

A degree may open the door to a variety of opportunities and diverse career paths. The degree programs offered at most institutions will not necessarily lead to the featured careers. This article is intended to help inform and guide you through the process of determining which level of degree and types of certifications align with your desired career path.

By Prof V.Sherin Bovas

Business Education Program: is designed to provide students with a strong academic foundation  in core business functions  such as general business administration, economics, accounting, finance, project management, information technology, human resources, marketing, international business,  organisational behaviour,  logistics, statistics  & commercial mathematics, business analytics and a host of related subjects.

Students may initially be interested in business administration because they feel they have leadership skills and think they could be successful managing teams, but as they take courses they discover there’s so much more to business administration than management.Coursework is typically designed to align with real-world business scenarios taught from an industry-relevant perspective.

By studying business theories and learning best business practices, business majors may develop critical skillsets, such as knowing how to analyse problems by using and applying data. Business majors also have the opportunity to gain proficiency in managing large groups of people and may become adept at fostering professional communications. Employers from a multitude of industries look for this wide range of skills in business degree earners.

Many institutions have a strict selection procedure of entrance test comprising of application of general awareness, English language proficiency, logical reasoning, solving a case or a hidden psychometric test followed by group discussion  and personal interview.

While some institutes make you believe that a high score or a low score does not guarantee a seat, it is important to do your own research to understand the academic rigour, organisational culture, the visionary leadership, the pedagogy and curriculum design or that it is just another run off the mill institute looking at your purse rather than your competence.

As you wait for your classes to begin, it is important to keep abreast with the latest that the business world has to offer from across the globe: Monitor the stock exchange: Read up inspiring success and failure stories   from across domains and  polish  your language skills, accounting skills,  computer keyboard skills, mental mathematics, basic coding  and an attitude to accept new  changes that can unnerve you from day one  to lectures  and activities  that is expected  to  transform  you  to a high performing  and reliable resource  that the industry is expected to absorb you in the next 18 to 24 months.

Look out for those institutes which have backing of the corporate who would like to book and nurture their resources from day one of you joining the institute rather than your graduation certificate and scores which are showcased at the end of the program. Be a part of the institute that does continuous evaluation process than just 3 hours of test results at the end of the semester.

It is also important to know the oven in which you would be baked and for the ingredients that go into when you are finally baked and ready to be served. You are expected to be sold like hot cakes when the recruiters come knocking at your placement office. By this time you would have become a trained actor, ready to accept any script and deliver an Oscar winning performance and walk your way to the bank with fat compensation packages.

The bottom line is what value you bring to the table, how rare a specie you are among me too’s, you should be difficult to Imitate and that you are organised  to meet corporate expectation. In order to have a sustainable competitive advantage you should be valuable to the organisation,rare,inimitable and organised.

to be continued.....

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