Q And A With With Darpan Saini, CEO & Co Founder, Phyt Health

24 Nov, 2021 14:28 IST|Sakshi Post

1) What is the vision and USP of the company?

Phyt Health is a computer vision and AI-enabled physiotherapy platform that delivers better and more affordable care to patients, and increased revenue for providers. Our technology optimizes physiotherapists' time, encourages patients' adherence to their treatment plan, and provides a continuous PT-Patient engagement model.

Phyt Health utilizes patients’ smartphone devices to engage them in the MSK physiotherapy cycle from the comfort of their own homes, improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. Our technology provides virtual musculoskeletal care by using computer vision and artificial intelligence in our mobile app to track rehab exercises with live feedback and no required wearables. 

2) What are the recent changes in policies the brand has initiated for the betterment of customers?

Using our mobile app, patients connect with their providers, receive personalized treatment plans, track their progress and build better habits for adhering to their treatment. Medical treatment is often boring but doesn’t have to be that way - using augmented reality and computer vision we provide patients with engaging exercise-based games while at the same time giving them feedback on their form and posture.

Using our therapist app, physios can provide care to patients that go beyond typical session-based therapy. Physios are provided with a dashboard and information management system that enables them to proactively engage with patients based on insights generated by the system. Hospitals and clinics can offer packages to patients post-discharge thereby increasing provider revenue. Doctors stay in the loop during the physiotherapy phase of the treatment thereby improving patients' experience and managing their own reputational risk. Further, using our computer vision-based tooling physios can remotely assess patients and objectively assess important attributes such as range of motion.

3) What’s the majority age group of the customers reaching out to you?

Due to the pandemic, majority of the workforce has shifted to working from home. As a result, we've seen a remarkable increase in musculoskeletal issues in young professionals. While you would expect most of our patients to be in the senior demographic, in reality, we've seen patients as young as 30 years old and as old as 70+.

4) How are you disrupting the gap in this sector? State with some stats and infographics?

We have two ways we provide our service - full service (software + physiotherapy) or software as a service (SaaS). In case of full service, we employ certified physiotherapists and combine the best of AI-based technology and human care to deliver the best outcomes for patients. In the case of SaaS, hospitals/clinics use our software to deliver remote care to their patients, thereby improving their patient experience. For our full service physiotherapy business we partner with hospitals and offer them a “white-label” service to be their digital physiotherapy department. We also provide physiotherapy directly to consumers through our website 

5) Since the covid has hit India and the Globe, businesses have started suffering. Did it have any impact on your business? What kind of impact was it?

 While COVID has been devastating for many businesses, it has benefitted certain others - for example Zoom. We feel that ours is an essential service that is absolutely needed as we come out of the pandemic. Due to recent changes in lifestyle we should expect to see an increase in musculoskeletal disorders (specially back and neck issues) as more and more people have been working from home with sedentary jobs. We also feel that some of these behaviors will continue beyond the pandemic as many companies have allowed indefinite work from home.

6) Any expansion plan or any major collaboration?

We've recently signed partner agreements with a couple of distribution partners that can help distribute our solution into their customer base. One such company is Evolko which has more than 16000 clinics as customers in India thereby allowing us to reach that market as well.

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