Haus & Kinder launches UNSHY Mumhood with Kalki Koechlin to Inspire Moms

12 May, 2022 10:51 IST|Sakshi Post

India’s leading D2C home to baby brand, Haus & Kinder has announced leading actor Kalki Koechlin as its brand ambassador. The brand with Kalki Koechlin released H&K Mumhood, an unshy, fearless & inspiring take on modern motherhood.

Haus & Kinder inspires the millennial mom to celebrate her mumhood without inhibitions. The new age mums are independent, free, fearless, and confidently step into the spotlight. She doesn’t need to make a comeback after pregnancy because she never went away, she is not a Mom in hiding. She grows with her pregnancy & loves herself. She celebrates her growth, her journey, and herself through every new beginning. She knows that she is all her baby needs. She knows that being a good mom is all about being her best self. We believe a good mom is about being her best self. Along with her family’s happiness, she is focusing on her own happiness, fulfillment, identity, and strengths and this positive mindset is a shift from the conventional role of the mother who always puts the family first.

With Haus & Kinder, She is living in an UNSHY Mumhood – A mumhood of her choice.

Aspects of UNSHY Mumhood

Stepping into Spotlight
The spotlight is not on her, she steps into it by choice.
Not a mom in Hiding
She is not making a comeback, because she never went away
Free & Fearless
Free of judgement, confident about her mumhood, and fearless in her choices

Kalki Koechlin is a confident & chic mom with an individualistic concept of mumhood. Her book, The elephant in the womb is an honest & authentic take on motherhood. The brand connects with her strongly and shares her beliefs.

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