DrinkPrime Revamps its Logo: Rebranding In-Line with the Company’s Ideology

30 Nov, 2021 14:53 IST|Vyshnavi

DrinkPrime, one of India’s leading clean, safe and healthy drinking water brands has rebranded its logo in-line with the brand’s next growth phase. The newly conceptualized brand ideated logo, developed by a team of experts at DrinkPrime will resonate with the company’s new processes and develop a streamlined vision amongst the audiences.

Speaking on the rebranding, Vijender Reddy Muthyala, Co-founder and CEO, DrinkPrime said, "We are a startup that is rapidly growing and aim to reach a million subscribers in the next five years. We not only intend to ramp up the subscriber base in the cities that we are already in but also aim to expand to 16 new cities in the next 36 months. At every point in our journey, it is important for us to bring the DrinkPrime family closer to the mission. By rebranding, we have created a brand identity that resonates with our mission and vision for the next phase of our journey."

DrinkPrime was formulated with the vision of providing safe drinking water for every Indian and through their continuous efforts, the brand has been successful in ensuring that safe drinking water becomes accessible to everyone. The rebranding will ensure that a unified message can be passed amongst the audience, spreading awareness on the importance of clean drinking water for all. The aim is to develop a brand image that the company’s logo becomes a synonym for clean and fresh water.

With a resolution to resolve the problem of safe drinking water, Manas Ranjan Hota, Co-founder, and COO, DrinkPrime said, “India faces a major problem for inadequate access to clean drinking water. Approximately 50 million people in 15 cities in India do not have access to safe drinking water. On the other hand a major population does not have access to water purifiers, the figures go as low as 5% of the Indian population. Hence, our vision is to develop a brand identity that becomes a part of every household in the country. Additionally, the simplicity of the logo will help us to create an identity that easily connects with the audience”.

According to Manas, the newly adopted brand colour, purple, has a warmth just like the DrinkPrime brand. He said, “It is a combination of blue, the colour that represents calm stability, and red, the colour that is vibrant and energetic.”

Along with the new branding, DrinkPrime has revised the subscription model to provide easy access to its customers. This will make safe drinking water more affordable in line with its mission of increasing access to drinking water.

DrinkPrime has come a long way since its inception and owing to the mass popularity and increased sales has been able to raise Rs 21 crores in the pre-series A funding round last year. Additionally, the brand also raised Rs 8 crores during their debt fundraising initiative in June this year. Through brand recognition, the startup has been featured on Forbes Asia 100 To Watch list 

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