Christie$B!G(Bs Appoints Rebecca Yuancao Yang As Chairman, China

6 Jul, 2021 15:03 IST|Sakshi Post

Hong Kong: Christie$B!G(Bs is pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca Yuancao Yang as Chairman, China, effective from 1 August 2021.

Based in Shanghai and reporting to Francis Belin, President, Christie$B!G(Bs Asia Pacific, Rebecca will bring with her a wealth of experience, deep knowledge, and widespread connections in China, to foster the development and cultivation of trusted relationships with top tier clients to support the expansion of Christie$B!G(Bs in China. Rebecca will work closely with Julia Hu, General Manager, China, and our global specialist community to drive top client transactions. As the brand ambassador for Christie$B!G(Bs in China, Rebecca will maintain a high external profile through participation in key marketing campaigns, as well as events organised by clients.

Francis Belin commented, $B!H(BChina is undoubtedly a country of strategic importance to our business: a market which presents tremendous growth opportunities for multiple sale sites across the globe. With Rebecca$B!G(Bs valuable expertise and strong social network, Christie$B!G(Bs will be best positioned to continue delivering the finest in art and luxury with tailored services to our clients in China. I look forward to working with Rebecca through 2021 and beyond.$B!I(B

Rebecca has an entrepreneurial background with diverse interests. She was the founder and CEO of IPCN Ltd., an Anglo-Chinese media and entertainment content company, which was the first to introduce the rights licensing business to reproduce international TV formats/IP rights in China such as $B!F(BChina$B!G(Bs Got Talent$B!G(B and $B!F(BThe Voice of China$B!G(B. Additionally, in 2010, Rebecca established her own production company Ba Lin (80Entertaiment) in Shanghai which was behind many of China$B!G(Bs broadcast sponsorship deals and branded content projects. After a merger between IPCN and Zebra Music, Rebecca took a board director role at the newly merged entity, CMC Times, which is the leader in live music event production in China today. She also led CMC Times to play an important strategic role as a content curator for the high growth location-based-entertainment real estate investment under CMC Inc. 

In 2020, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, Rebecca formed a documentary studio named Cheeky Mono Ltd., and commenced production on China$B!G(Bs first documentary focusing on the subject of women$B!G(Bs rights and choices on childbearing.

Rebecca is also one of the most dedicated female polo players in China and an accomplished marathon runner. She was also elected as the Davos World Economic Forum$B!G(Bs Young Global Leaders in 2016.

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