Amazon Replaces App Icon After Adhesive Tape Strip Compared To Hitler's Moustache 

3 Mar, 2021 14:08 IST|Sakshi Post

The E-commerce giant, Amazon changed their app icon after receiving backlash from people. This change will be seen for both Android and iOS apps icons.

As per the reports by Mashable, Amazon decided to launch a new logo in February. The icon was to appear for mobile apps. It was a simple icon with a brown background, Amazon’s smile (A to Z) logo and a blue tape strip on top. This icon represented the shipping boxes and replaced the old Shopping cart logo.

After the icon was introduced, many people on social media shared that they are not happy with it as the adhesive tape strip on top looked a lot like Adolf Hitler’s moustache. People shared their disappointment on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Although the blue strip was meant to look like a tape that is on top of a package, it didn’t leave the fact that people alleged it looked like Hitler’s moustache as well. Following the backlash, Amazon decided to change the icon. But when asked regarding the change, the company didn’t officially agree that the ‘moustache’ thing was the reason.

Amazon shared that their new icon was meant to create excitement. The excitement a person feels upon seeing their order package arrive is the same excitement they should feel when they see the app icon. Amazon tried making this change so as to replicate a ‘package.’

A new icon has now replaced the old one. Instead of a zigzag blue adhesive strip, there is now a plain straight strip with a curve in the end.

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