Is This Why Bangtan Boys aka BTS Announced Hiatus?

27 Sep, 2022 17:17 IST|Sakshi Post

As we all know BTS members have announced hiatus as their dorm contract has ended. And also there were a few rumours that they are going on a hiatus because of the differences between them. 

Even BTS members have confessed to have differences of opinion. Since they are from different places and have different personalities, it would be hard for anybody to accept things as they are. It is natural that they are bound to have differences. 

There were many fights between BTS RM and Suga in the beginning, as RM was open-minded and Suga is more like a reserved person who never wants to share what he feels.  There were many fallouts between them. But with time, they stored them out. 

RM is known for having a habit of breaking things and he is also said to have lost several pairs of AirPods. On one occasion, Suga couldn’t resist telling him to stop, as it was happening with the boys’ personal items. In one instance, the argument is said to have reached a point where clothes were being thrown at each other. But the good news is that it never reached a point of getting physical with each other.

Yet after all that, the Bangtan Boys have stayed by each other for 13 years,l. Even before their official debut on the screen, they were together in the same room during their initial days. Now the bond is everlasting friendship.  All of them treat each other like family.

However, a few reports suggest that these differences could be the reason for their going solo. But the BTS ARMY is quick to allay such fears and maintain that nothing like that has happened and that the band is still very much together and have been cheering and supporting each other's solo projects. 

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