Korean Dramas Watched by BTS Taehyung

27 Sep, 2022 15:48 IST|Sakshi Post

BTS V interacted with his fans on Weverese recently. The BTS singer is known to interact with his fans on Weverese and reply to their questions shot his way. 

Taehyung also started a V live with fans which ended after a minute. Amid all the rumours of him dating BLACKPINK Jennie, he enjoyed answering his fans. 

On Weverse, one fan asked, “What Korean drama did you watch recently?” V responded, “Maybe Our Beloved Summer was the last one…”. He added that he only watched two episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. He recommended Narcos to another fan.  Another asked about his solo debut, “Are you working on your album already?” He responded, “I changed all of them and now [I have to] prepare it again. So my day and night has switched.”

While a few fans worried about Jungkook and said he was not active on social media and was ignoring his fans. V replied saying, “Jungkook loves you”. 

In an interview with Vogue Korea, he also spoke about his relationships, he said “I’m the type to cherish my relationships with others. I originally like people and I think all artists, directors, writers, and reporters are precious. In the past, I did get hurt and started to shy away from people only viewing me as V or as a connection, but I still like people. The people around me now are the precious people who have made me who I am today.”

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