BTS V Won't Regret His Actions, Deets Inside

20 Sep, 2022 09:12 IST|Sakshi Post

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung stunned all and sundry with his impressive Vogue Photoshoot. He is known for his fabulous fashion sense. BTS ARMY in love with V's pictures from Vogue Photoshoot. The actor and singer of one of the biggest boybands, BTS spoke about why the world needs music, "I think music helps us all breathe. I don’t think I would want to live if music was taken out of my life. I believe it’s music that amplifies all emotions, including comfort, fun, and feeling touched, in all patterns of my life, such as when I’m going to work, working, leaving work, and eating."

When he was asked whether he would maintain a calm composure when he faces uncertainties in life, then V replied, "Even if I look at ease, I’m honestly not. I just act like it." He further added, "Instead, I’ve come to learn how to think straightforwardly. Even if my thoughts are not the correct answer, I act with confidence that those thoughts are the best I can do. It’s not that there is no pressure, but I do not regret my actions. If it’s for the people I love, I believe I have to behave well. It’s our ARMY fan club members, my BTS groupmates, my family, and my friends who keep me happy and healthy when I’m feeling hurt and struggling."

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