Varun Dhawan-Natasha Dalal: A Childhood Love Story

25 Jan, 2021 12:16 IST|Sakshi Post

Many people dream of their fairy-tale wedding or a typical Bollywood style love story. Well, Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal’s love story is no less than a Bollywood movie. From childhood friends to each other’s crush to now finally life partners, this couple is the definition of eternal love.

The couple has been dating for a long time and initially they kept it, private. But soon both Varun and Natasha admitted to being in a relationship. Rumors for their marriage have been making rounds since 2018.

Varun and Natasha got married in Alibaug on January 24, 2021. It was a hush wedding with only few names from the industry getting the invitation. Now that the couple is ready to start their new life together, let us take a look at Mr. and Mrs. Dhawan’s beautiful love story.


It is no secret that Varun and Natasha have been childhood friends. They admitted several times that that their friendship started in school itself and they were good friends till their 20s.

Varun shared in a Koffee with Karan episode that, Natasha has been a very good friend. She attended most of their family functions and is also close to Varun’s parents. She is like part of the family.

In an interview for Hello! India magazine, Natasha spoke about her relationship with Dhawan. Varun and I were in school together. We stayed friends until we were in our mid-20s and then, I remember, we started dating just before I moved away. It was around then that, I think, we realized we were more than just good friends,” shared Natasha.


Varun and Natasha knew each other since sixth grade but fell in love years after when they met at a music concert.

Even when they were good childhood friends, their story started when they met at a music concert, years later. It is after the concert that they started meeting often and went on frequent dates. Varun confessed his feelings for Natasha.

Before Varun and Natasha admitted their relationship, it was said that Natasha had rejected Varun several times. The actor jokingly confirmed that he had confessed his love for his fashion designer friend Natasha at least twice or thrice and she rejected every single time. “But I didn’t lose hope.”

But soon she admitted her feelings for Dhawan. Like every Bollywood story ever, in the end ‘Haseena Maan hi Jaati hai.’ They soon started going on multiple trips together. Varun and Natasha were spotted together at various occasions. Both finally realized their love for each other.


Initially Varun and Natasha were kept their dating life away from media. They did not accept or revealed anything about their relationship. It was said that Natasha was a private person. She was shy in admitting their relation and tried to keep away from the paparazzi’s cameras.

Since Dhawan’s Bollywood debut with Student of the year in 2012, it was speculated that Varun is dating fashion designer Natasha Dalal. But nothing was confirmed yet. It was in 2019 that Varun finally took to his Instagram account and shared an adorable picture of Natasha, wishing his girlfriend, happy birthday.

Since then Varun shared multiple pictures of them together, confirming their relationship through his captions. “She’s my rock, she’s my anchor. She’s the stabilizing factor in my life,” shared Dhawan in an interview.

There were speculations that the couple secretly got engaged in 2019 but Varun denied it. He shared that, it is not like I am denying anything. Marriage will happen, but not this soon. I am busy with the movies, the time should be right for our marriage.”

The couple now attended many events together and didn’t try to hide from the media. They happily posed for the cameras while smiling at each other. The only thing left for this Bollywood story to reach its happy ending, is for the couple to get married and receive family’s blessings.


Varun revealed he is very happy as he is with someone who he likes. He shared that Natasha has her own individuality. She has her goals and aspirations and as her partner, I will support in every way I can. She has supported me since the start of my Bollywood journey; I want to do the same for her.

They tried to tie the knot in 2020, but when the time is right, it just happens. The day finally came in 2021 January. The couple finally got their happy ending (no wait, happy beginning). They will embark on this new journey from now.

This Bollywood love story got its happy ending. Natasha Dalal finally became Varun Dhawan’s dulhaniya.

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