Stop Your Gyan: Twitterati To Sonu Sood

11 Mar, 2021 14:20 IST|Sakshi Post

Actor Sonu Sood has been helping the needy and poor. He has done a lot of charity work and was praised a lot by Indians for his commendable work during the lockdown. But not everything that the actor does is appreciated by the fans. On the occasion of Maha Shivratri, Sood took to Twitter to advise people on the celebration.

The actor said that instead of forwarding photos of Lord Shiva, people should celebrate by helping the needy. “Instead of forwarding the photos of Lord Shiva, celebrate Maha Shivratri by helping someone. Om Namah Shivaye” wrote the actor.

Sonu Sood became the hero of the common people. By helping the migrant workers during the time of lockdown, the actor became everyone’s hero. Not just that he also actively took part in helping the frontline workers and medical staff. Sood often spreads the message of helping the poor and needy but this time, it came at the cost of angry fans.

As Sood shared that people should celebrate their festival not by forwarding pictures but by helping the needy, many became upset. Some shared that Sood should not be teaching them, how they should be celebrating their festival.

Some users on Twitter shared screenshots of earlier tweets made that Sonu on Diwali. “Celebrate Diwali not by lighting crackers but by lighting a needy’s gas stove” posted the actor on the occasion of Diwali. Netizens are saying that the actor did not make such a message on the festival of Eid, instead, he just wrote “Eid Mubarak” and left it there.

This has angered the public. Hashtag #WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood started trending on Twitter as people on social media demanded an answer from Sonu.

“If hypocrisy has a face, Sonu. Helping is fine. What's wrong with sharing GOD SHIVA's picture..?” shared one user on Twitter.

Another user posted saying that “This is just unacceptable. You should not be teaching me. I know how to celebrate my festival. I advise you open your mouth only when necessary, sir. This hypocrisy is not fine.  @SonuSood”

Here are some of the tweets:

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