Check Out: Mrinal Dutt's Body Transformation For His Storyy

23 Apr, 2021 14:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Mrinal Dutt who will be soon be seen in His Storyy shares the transformation he went through for the role, to prep for his part the actor went through some changes both physically and mentally for his roles in His storyy . Mrinal Dutt went an extra mile to beef up as he gained about 5-7 kgs for his part.

Mrinal plays a gay character who is a food critic and traveler by profession. His life intertwines with that of Sakshi (Priyamani) and  Kunal (Satyadeep) when the former calls him to the opening of her restaurant, without knowing that her husband is in love with him.

Talking about it, Mrinal revealed, ''I had a certain look in mind hence I made a conscious effort to gain some weight and to look a certain age, keeping in mind that the character is also relatively older than me. Satyadeep's character Kunal has been in a marriage for over 20 years and to play his partner on-screen, this seemed to be something I wanted to try. It allowed me to eat everything I could to put on those extra kgs and also worked out so that it’s a quality muscle weight gain evenly spread. To begin with, I wanted to make sure that I look convincing to myself ...the idea was just to look a bit fuller not gain excessive weight. My weight has remained a constant of 69- 70 kg for many years, it went to 75 kg during the filming of this.

His Storyy releases on April 25 and is produced by Ding Entertainment.

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