YSRCP Has Majority In AP Legislative Council Now

18 Jun, 2021 14:42 IST|Sakshi Post
AP Legislative Council

AMARAVATI: With the Andhra Pradesh Governor approving the nominations of four MLC candidates, the YSRCP is all set to get the majority in the AP Legislative Council. With four TDP members and senior YSRCP leader Umareddy Venkateswarulu retiring from the house, and the induction of the four new members backed by the ruling party under the Governor's quota, the MLC strength of the YSRCP rose to 21 while the TDP’s figures fell to 15 members.

Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan has approved the names of four MLC candidates nominated by the state government under the governor's quota. Lella Appi Reddy from Guntur district, Thota Trimurthulu from East Godavari, Moshen Raju from West Godavari, and Ramesh Yadhav from Kadapa will soon be sworn in as MLCs.  

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There are 58 MLC posts in the AP Legislative Council out of which eight are nominated under the Governor’s quota, With the term of four MLCs, all belonging to the TDP, ending, the ruling party’s strength in the House will improve as it was in minority earlier. As of now, the TDP has 22 MLCs (excluding four in the Governor quota), YSRCP has 13 MLCs, BJP one, and PDF while four others are independent.

With the addition of the four nominated under the Governor, the quota will increase the strength from 17 to 21. This apart the YSRCP strength is likely to increase further as the vacant MLCs will be filled soon. There are six vacant MLC posts, for which elections are to be conducted.

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