YSRCP Leader Brutally Murdered In Prakasam District

24 Aug, 2020 12:52 IST|Sakshi Post

PRAKASAM: A YSR Congress party leader was stabbed to death on Sunday night by some unidentified persons. The incident took place in Darshi constituency of Prakasam District.

According to the police, Maram Subba Reddy(64) alias Bhumireddy Subbarao was having dinner at his house when unidentified persons attacked him and allegedly hacked him to death.

Sources say that, during the time of incident, there was no one in the house. The wife of Subba Reddy went to get some milk. She arrived after half an hour and screamed in fear by looking at her husband who was lying on the chair covered with blood.

Local resident informed the police about the incident. It is said that Subba Rao was a soft-spoken person. He used to do bricks business in Bangalore. Currently, he was into cultivation of Pomegranate orchards in the village itself. The motive for the killing is unknown.

Police filed a case and SI Nagraj collected the details from the scene of incident. Investigation is going on.

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