Why Was This Inactive Leader Brought Back?

15 Oct, 2020 18:06 IST|Sakshi Post

The sudden emergence of Nettem Raghuram, a leader written off long ago in the TDP , has left many a party watcher confused. Nettem Raghuram has been appointed the president of the TDP Vijayawada Parliamentary constituency as part of Chandrababu Naidu’s new plan of constituting parliamentary constituency teams.

Nettem Raghuram was a minister during Chandrababu’s pre-2004 regime. He was incharge of the excise department and his stint was largely uneventful. After the 2004 defeat, Nettem Raghuram withdrew into a shell and remained largely inactive. He was not seen at party rallies and did not even bother to strengthen the party.

Now suddenly Chandrababu Naidu pulled him out of the closet and made him the party Vijayawada parliamentary constituency incharge. Sources say that he has been brought to the fore as a counterfoil to former irrigation minister Devineni Uma Maheshwar Rao,whose abrasive ways have alienated quite a few party leaders. Soft-spoken Nettem Raghuram is said to have been supported by Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani, who has an axe to grind against Devineni Uma.

Will Nettem be able to make his mark? Will he be able to dent Devineni’s popularity and power? Let’s wait and see!!

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