Once Loudmouths, TDP Leaders Now Prefer Silence In West Godavari Dist

12 Sep, 2020 13:38 IST|Sakshi Post

Till recently, West Godavari was a citadel of the TDP. But, 2019 elections have changed it all. The TDP has just two MLA seats. It had lost all the seats to the YSRCP, which literally swept the TDP off its feat.

Quite interestingly, none of the senior party hands are now active in the TDP. Most of them have gone into hibernation. Many are busy with their personal works and businesses. For instance, the two ministers during the Chandrababu regime – Jawahar and Pitani Satyanarayana – are now keeping silent. Pitani is bogged down by the probes conducted into his handling of the ministry. His son is already facing cases. Pitani is busy with the cases. Jawahar too has remained largely silent ever since he lost the election.

Similar is the case of TDP loud-mouth Chintamaneni Prabhakar. He is so bogged down by the cases, that he hardly opens his mouth these days. It is also learnt that he had asked the his followers not to say anything as the time is not favourable. Similarly, former minister Peetala Sujata, former MP Maganti Babu are also inactive these days. As for Undi MLA Mantena Ramaraju, there are rumours that he is set to quit the party and join YSRCP.

The only leader who is speaking is Palacole MLA NImmala Ramanaidu. But, his activity is limited to his constituency. As a result, the TDP is now at its weakest in West Godavari district. The party is bereft of leaders these days. 

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