Vijayawada Rape Victim Visit: Vasireddy Padma Lists 10 Mistakes of TDP

27 Apr, 2022 17:46 IST|Sakshi Post
APWC Chairperson Vasireddy Padma Press Meet

GUNTUR: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief Chandrababu Naidu and another party leader Bonda Uma who were served notices by the Andhra Pradesh Women's Commission over the incident in Vijayawada, failed to appear before the commission on Wednesday. Chairperson Vasireddy Padma alleged that the TDP was staging dharnas using women in protest of the notices served to them, she stated while speaking to the media on Wednesday.

It may be recollected that the APWC Chairperson Vasireddy Padma was attacked by TDP activists when she had gone to visit the Vijayawada hospital rape victim on April 22. The Chairperson was abused and gheraoed by the TDP leaders and Bonda Uma allegedly used derogatory language against her during the fiasco, even as she had to forcibly make her way inside the hospital with the help of the police.

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Everyone thought that Chandrababu would respect the Women's Commission. But, that was not the case, she decried. We have sent notices as they need to know how to behave with women, she said. " Not just that staging protests in front of the Women's Commission office is highly inappropriate, just because we have served notices to their leaders. They have behaved in a manner which is beyond reproach and without morals," she said while describing their behavior in the hospital. We need to explain how to deal with rape victims as per law, and bringing cameras into the hospital and recording the whole event is against the verdict of the Supreme Court, she said.

Vasireddy Padma listed out the 10 mistakes of  the TDP during their visit to meet the Vijayawada rape victim:

The first mistake: A large number of people approach and try to get too close to the rape victim.

The second mistake: Coming into the hospital in huge groups and shouting.

Third mistake: Inciting fear and panic in the victim.

Fourth mistake: Coming with so many people is against the Supreme Court guidelines aimed at safeguarding the victim’s dignity.

Fifth mistake: Obstructing the Chairperson of the Women's Commission.

Sixth mistake: Preventing the Chairperson from consoling the victim.

Seventh mistake: Threatening and obstructing her from her duties.

Eighth mistake: Chandrababu Naidu threatened the Chairperson in a personal attack.

Ninth mistake: Bonda Uma insulting her using derogatory language.

Tenth mistake: Parading the victim’s family members in front of the media.

However, Vasireddy said that she would discuss the matter with a legal team and take it forward.

Earlier TDP Mahila leader Vangalapudi Anita tried to storm into the AP Women's Commission office in Mangalagiri. TDP women leaders along with the family members of the victim barged into the office of the Chairperson and handed over a petition seeking justice for the victim. Not stopping there the TDP leader and other women activists got into an argument with Vasireddy Padma in her chamber and created a ruckus under the pretext of demanding justice.

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