Vijayawada Gang War: Sandeep, Pandu Had Personal Enmity

2 Jun, 2020 22:13 IST|Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA: More and more details on the motives behind the recent Vijayawada gang war are emerging by each passing day. Even though it is believed that a disputed property deal has led to the clash, the Vijayawada police have now found out that the two gang leaders, Sandeep and Pandu, also have a simmering previous enmity.

The police have identified that Sandeep and Pandu Alias Manikanta have had personal issues between them and the dispute over sharing settlement money from the property deal only added fuel to their rivalry. It is stated that Initially Sandeep and Pandu had a cordial relationship. Later on, with differences creeping in, they parted ways and formed their own gangs. The two, who have criminal antecedents, also reportedly enjoyed the patronage of some TDP leaders, who regarded them as their close aides.

On the other hand, it was also revealed in the police investigation that they were involved in controversial land disputes in Guntur district earlier. The police also suspect that the two could have regularly brought in hired goons from Guntur for land settlements in Vijayawada so that no one could immediately identify who they are. Police have collected evidence to establish that youngsters from both Vijayawada and Guntur were involved in the recent gang war. The police are also contemplating to quizz the social media followers of both Sandeep and Pandu.

Both Sandeep and Pandu were grievously hurt in the incident. While Sandeep was admitted to a private hospital in Vijayawada, Pandu was shifted to the Guntur General Hospital. Sandeep died at the hospital while receiving treatment. Even Pandu’s health condition was also stated to be very critical.

The ugly incident, reminiscent of Vijayawada's past history of faction violence, came to light after a horrific video of the pitched battle between the two groups went viral. In the video, the two groups were seen attacking each other with stones, canes and knives, sending shock waves in the neighbourhood and triggering panic among the residents.  

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