Sandeep Murder Plan Hatched In Mangalagiri?

6 Jun, 2020 12:35 IST|Sakshi Post

TADEPALLI: With each passing day, more and more skeletons are tumbling out of the cupboard with regard to the recent ugly gang war in Vijayawada. Even after Vijayawada Commissioner of Police Dwaraka Tirumala Rao clarified that the clash that resulted in the death of Thota Sandeep stemmed from a land settlement dispute, more startling revelations are surfacing about the incident.

The latest information that is causing ripples in Andhra Pradesh claims that Sandeep could have been eliminated as part of a deep-rooted murder plot and the conspiracy could have been hatched in Mangalagiri of Guntur district. Constituency-level leaders of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Mangalagiri are allegedly grooming 'A grade' rowdy-sheeters, anti-social elements known as ‘blade batch’ and ‘cannabis batch’ for furthering their personal vested interests.

Police who are probing the case are reportedly suspecting that a chit fund finance company owner in Mangalagiri had hatched a plan for Sandeep's murder, with the help of three other rowdy-sheeters Kiran, AVS and Thambi. More than 10 rowdy-sheeters are said to have been brought in to Vijayawada from Mangalagiri as hired goons.

It is suspected that they may have murdered Sandeep for sheer sensation, to instill fear among people and cash in on the fear factor to carry on with their settlement activity in Krishna and Guntur districts.

Manikanta Alias Pandu who is also reportedly a part of this murder plan was said to have spent about five days in Mangalagiri region to hatch the plot. Pandu even dropped cryptic hints through one of his TikTok videos stating that they were about to kill someone. But still, the local intelligence department failed to sniff out the deadly plan to kill Sandeep.

Interestingly, the street fight that led to Sandeep’s killing, had striking resemblances to an earlier murder. Rowdy-sheeter Kiran’s brother was murdered some time back with the help of anti-social elements from the ‘blade batch’ and ‘cannabis batch’. These men have brutally murdered Kiran's brother Hemanth using rods and stones. The suspicion is that Kiran used the same modus operandi that was used against his brother, to eliminate Sandeep in view of his dispute with Pandu. He is said to have executed the murder plan with the help of other rowdy-sheeters purely to flaunt his superiority and for dominance in the area. He is believed to have murdered Sandeep on behalf of Pandu over just Rs 40,000-50,000 rupees of commission money that became a bone of contention between the two.

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