Lord Hanuman Was Born On Anjanadri At Tirumala

21 Apr, 2021 14:52 IST|Sakshi Post

TIRUMALA: The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) on Sri Rama Navami (April 21), has declared with scientific evidence and proof, that the Anjanadri hill at Tirumala is the birthplace of Lord Anjaneya or Hanuman, on Wednesday.

Acharya Muralidhar Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, Central Sanskrit University at Tirupati, stated in a ceremony on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, that Anjanadri one of the hills in the seven-hill range in Tirumala in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh was the birthplace of Hanuman. He cited several scriptures to prove the fact that he was born at Japali Theertham in the hillock which is located about 5 km from north of the temple.

Acharya Muralidhar Sharma recalled that several scholars had been verifying pieces of evidence together for the past four months. They had conducted research and referred to various scriptures including information from Shiva, Brahma, Brahmanda, Varaha and Matsya Puranas, Venkatachala Mahatyam and Varahamihira Brihat Samhita to establish the fact that Anjanadri was located in Tirumala.

He said that the scripture of Venkatachala Mahathyam was taken as the historical basis to prove this fact. Archaeological, historical, legislative, and geographical evidence had been collected and as per these scriptures, Venkatachala has 20 names including Anjanadri.

Acharya Muralidhara Sharma said that Venkatachala was called Anjanadri in the Treta Yuga, the second of the four Yugas where Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Rama.

As per the scriptures, Hanuman was born at Anjanadri due to the penance performed by his mother Anjanadevi. The hill was named Anjanadri because Anjanadevi gave birth to Hanuman here. Muralidhar Sharma also said that Hanuman had served Lord Venkateswara Swamy here.

He also clarified that Hampi in Karnataka was not the birthplace of Hanuman  and they had enough evidence to prove that  Hampi was not the place.

Speaking further Muralidhar Sharma said that according to the twelve Puranas or scriptures, clearly indicate that Hanuman was born in Tirumala as he flew from the hill of Venkatagiri into the sky to try and catch the sun when he was a child. Anjanadri is mentioned in many 12th and 13th century works including  Valmiki  Ramayana and the Tamil epic Kamba Ramayana.

Acharya Muralidhara Sharma also explains that Venkatachala is described as Anjanadri in the 15th-century poet-composer Tallapaka Annamacharya keerthanas in praise of  Lord Venkateswara.

The TTD booklet, with 20 pages titled in Telugu as 'Sri Anjaneyaswamy Vari Janmasthalam Tirumalaloni Anjanadri' (Tirumala's Anjanadri is Sri Hanumans birthplace), was unveiled on the occasion. The booklet would also be uploaded on the TTD website.

In December 2020, the TTD constituted an expert committee under the aegis of TTD Executive Officer KS Jawahar Reddy to research and prove that Lord Anjaneya was born in Tirumala.

The committee comprising of Prof Sannidhanam Sudarsana Sarma, Vice-Chancellor of Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Prof Muralidhara Sharma, Vice-Chancellor of National Sanskrit University, professors Rani Sadasiva Murthy, Janumaddi Ramakrishna and Sankaranarayana of the National Sanskrit University and other senior officials had conducted research over various aspects and pieces of evidence over his birthplace.

Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit,TTD Executive Officer K S Jawahar Reddy and Additional Executive Officer AV Dharma Reddy were also present for this event.

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Sri Rama Navami Asthanam is being celebrated at Tirumala today as per COVID-19 protocols.

The Temple priests offered ‘Snapana Tirumanjanam’ to the processional idols of Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya Swamy at the Ranaganayakula Mandapam inside Sri Vari temple in the morning.

Legend has it that Sri Maha Vishnu had taken birth on the earth as a human being  (Sri Rama) to annihilate the demons in Thretha Yuga. Sri Rama was His seventh incarnation and known for His steadfast adherence to Dharma.

He is considered to have been an embodiment of truth and morality by being an ideal son, ideal husband, and above all, an ideal king and hence worshipped as “Purushottama”. In fact, all these qualities made Sri Rama a Universal Almighty across the globe.

Later in the evening, the idol of Lord Sri Rama will be taken for the ceremonious ride on ‘Hanumanta Vahanam’ along four Mada streets as per tradition. In the night, between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., Sri Rama Navami Asthanam will take place at the  Bangaru Vakili inside the templeNat.

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