7 Die In AP After Consuming Hooch Laced With Sanitiser

31 Jul, 2020 09:38 IST|Sakshi Post

PRAKASAM: In a very tragic incident, seven men died in Kurichedu of Prakasam district after they consumed spurious liquor which was laced with Sanitiser. The number of people died after consuming hooch increased to 7. According to the reports, three people who died have been identified as beggars and four others belong to Kurichedu village. After having country liquor they fell ill and succumbed to death.

Reports say that all of them have been rushed to government hospital. Five persons were declared dead on Friday and another man died while undergoing treatment in a hospital.

During this coronavirus induced lockdown many people became desperate for the liquor and consumed hand sanitiser. This trend of consuming hand sanitizer cropped up across the state since coronavirus broke out. These type of deaths were more common among daily wage earners.

According to a study, consumption of sanitizers may cause immediate death in some people due to the level of toxicity they develop and may also lead to slow death in few others. Consumption of sanitizers may lead to serious health problems like hepatotoxicity, gastric toxicity and cardiac problems.

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