Tirupati By-elections Drama: Janasena-BJP Split Wide Open, Kamal Nath Planning To Incite Communal Hatred?

19 Jan, 2021 15:05 IST|Sakshi Post

·         Everyone is plotting against each other with a sketch

·         Who is the final BJP candidate in Visakha Core Committee?

·         Kamal Nath's conspiracy to incite hatred through rath yatra

·         Janasena has decided to stand and win on its own

"BJP and Janasena will join forces and move forward together. A joint candidate will enter the ring in the Tirupati by-elections," the leaders of the respective parties announced. Now there is a difference of opinion between the allies in the case of the suitable candidate. "You Vs Me let's find out who wins," say the party members. Everyone seems to be making their own plans to overtake the other. Pretending to be sweet each one is holding knives behind their backs. A lot of plotting on the inside and fake smiles on the outside. When will the political 'wind' change its route? Activists are confused as to what magic the lotus blossom (BJP) will bring to the table.

Witness, Tirupati: Controversy is raging among the allies over the selection of the official candidate. Pretending to be one on the outside each one is holding knives on their backs. The remarks made by the BJP leaders on the Tirupati by-election have resulted in lots of changes in the ranks of the Janasena Party. Janasena leaders, who have been saying that the committee will know who will stand in the by-elections all these years, have now lashed out at the BJP leaders. The BJP core committee meeting held at Daggubati Purandeswari's house two days ago decided to keep the ally away. Janasena leaders who came to know about the matter are igniting allies. They think that the alliance will not work anymore and that it is better to go into the ring on their own. It is believed that Janasena is likely to announce the matter at a keynote meeting in Tirupati on May 21.

Rath Yatra aimed at by-elections only.

The core committee decided that BJP leaders should undertake a rath yatra aimed at the Tirupati by-election. It is learned that the police have uncovered conspiracies of BJP and TDP ranks plotting against temples in the state. However, Kamal Nath ignored this and decided to start a rath yatra from Kapila Tirtha to Rama Tirtha. The eight-day rath yatra, which will start from Tirupati Kapilatirtha on February 4, will include meetings in Peethapuram, Antarvedi, Vijayawada, Nellore, and Srisailam. It is believed that Kamal Nath is moving ahead with the aim of inciting religious hatred and inciting sentiment in the rath yatra and taking advantage of the Tirupati by-election.

Meanwhile, it is credible information that the Janasena ranks are moving to give a fitting lesson to the BJP, which is insulting itself in the Tirupati by-election case. This information leaked even though no one wanted it to come out. However, Kamal Nath ignored it and decided to start a rath yatra from Kapila Tirtha to Rama Tirtha.

BJP candidate is contesting!

BJP leaders say Janasena and BJP will field a joint candidate in Tirupati, but it is believed that the candidate has been officially finalized internally. The party's core committee has called on all party ranks to work for the BJP candidate in the Tirupati parliamentary by-elections.

As part of this, Tirupati Parliament has decided to send a team to each zone and hand over leadership responsibilities to the right leader. A circular was issued that all the arrangements should be made in Tirupati only till the elections are over. Looking at the efforts being made by BJP, it seems that the next step left to do is to only announce the party's official candidate.

Credible information is known that the candidate is not allowed to disclose his/her candidature until the notification‌ comes and goes down to the field level. However, BJP leaders are spreading rumors that they are not able to withstand the pressure coming from Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. It is clear that the BJP leaders have already decided not to give Janasena a chance to contest the Tirupati by-elections on its own under any circumstances. The party is also debating whether Ravela Kishore Babu is likely to contest as the BJP candidate.

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