TDP's Koona Ravikumar On The Run Again After Attacking YSRCP Sarpanch's Husband

11 Apr, 2021 12:38 IST|Sakshi Post
Inset: Koona Ravikumar

SRIKAKULAM: Disregard of law, facing arrest, and fleeing from the place is not something new for the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Srikakulam district president and former MLA Koona Ravikumar. The TDP leader is on the run again after was registered against him for attacking a man during the Parishad elections in the State on April 8.

As per reports, Srikakulam Town police had come to his residence to arrest him on Saturday, but he had already fled. Apparent Koona Ravikumar's aides had attacked Tammineni Muralikrishna, a YSRCP MPTC candidate and the husband of the village sarpanch with weapons during the MPTC ZPTC elections day at Penubarthi in Ponduru mandal. All this happened while Koona being present there. He is also said to have obstructed police officials who were on duty. Muralikrishna lodged a complaint at the Ponduru police station after the attack. Koona Ravikumar had also verbally abused the man, destroyed property and issued warnings that they would  ''take care of him as the by-elections were coming,'' as per reports.

After the case was registered, Koona had apparently fled earlier, fearing arrest. As his usual routine, the TDP leader is planning to obtain anticipatory bail.

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Koona  Ravikumar defied TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu's orders to boycott the Parishad elections. On the one hand, Koona Ravikumar was seen telling media that the TDP was boycotting the elections and on the other hand he was seen campaigning for all those contesting in his constituency. Not just that he was seen campaigning on behalf of his wife Koona Pramila who was contesting for the MPTC seat  of Kotipalli village in Ponduru mandal in  Amadalavalasa constituency. 

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