Minister Jogi Ramesh Counter To Buddha Venkanna

20 Apr, 2022 17:49 IST|Sakshi Post
AP Housing Minister Jogi Ramesh

VIJAYAWADA: Minister of Housing Jogi Ramesh in a strong counter to TDP leader Buddha Venkanna's remarks about appointing ‘suicide squads' in support of the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. Speaking to the media on Wednesday the Minister said that instead of cutting a cake on his birthday, Buddha Venkanna was talking without “Buddhi”, he scoffed. How can anyone talk about forming suicide squads, he ridiculed.

Training his guns on Chandrababu, he said that just as how the TDP chief backstabbed the late NT Rama Rao, in a similar manner his own party leaders would backstab him, he prophesized. Not just that the people in the State have forgotten Chandrababu, and that he was unfit to be the Leader of the Opposition, Jogi Ramesh stated.

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