TDP MLCs Rowdyism In Legislative Council

18 Jun, 2020 10:37 IST|Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) which enjoys a majority in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council created ruckus in the council on Wednesday, and prevented the state government in placing the key bills before the council. Because of TDP MLC's rowdyism in the council state government couldn't pass appropriation bill is very much important for the state to spend the funds as a part of teh budgetary allocations.

The TDP leaders tried to stop the passage of bills which were introduced in the legislative council after they were approved in the assembly.

TDP MLCs attacked the state minister in the council and kicked him with legs. TDP has blocked the state government at every step while introducing the key bills in the legislative council. They demanded not to introduce Decentralisation and CRDA bills.

Following which the Legislative Council adjourned for three hours while discussing over which bill to be introduced first among the three bills which were Monetary exchange bill, Decentralisation and Equal Development of All Regions Bill, 2020, CRDA Abolition Bill.

As the council has been adjourned for there hours, the TDP MLCs have made provocative comments to provoke the YSR Congress party leaders.

TDP MLCs started raising slogans by entering near to chairman podium.

Many TDP MLCs clashed with the Endowments Minister Vellampalli Srinivas and attacked him.

TDP leader Beeda Ravichandra kicked Velampalli with his legs while Manthena Satyanarayanaraja held him by the neck. Another minister, Mekapati Goutham Reddy, stopped them and saved the Velampalli.

TDP leader Nara Lokesh has taken photos and videos in the council, while ministers were standing in front of the podium talking about the rules with the deputy chairman Reddy Subramaniam.

Lokesh was seen busy taking photos and videos with his phone since the beginning of the session.

 When Velampalli inquired TDP leaders why are they taking photos, and this lead to a heated argument between both party leaders.

After both the party leaders arguing with each other over the same Lokesh left the council.

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