TDP Ended up Tegulu Desam Party Under Naidu’s Leadership, Claims Ambati Rambabu

26 Mar, 2022 20:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Doubting the way ahead for the Telugu Desam Party, YSRCP MLA Ambati Rambabu came down heavily on the opposition party chief Chandrababu Naidu over marking the 40th anniversary of the party. While addressing a press conference in Tadepalli on Saturday, Ambati Rambabu said why is the party commemorating the day? Is it because on this day Chandrababu Naidu deposed the party founder NTR, he alleged. Do backstabbers have a right to celebrate the party’s foundation day, he asked. It may be noted here that the late NT Rama Rao founded the Telugu Desam Party on 29 March 1982 calling on restoring Telugu pride in politics. 

Ambati Rambabu said what we see today is not Telugu Desam party but “Tegulu” Desam party (pest infestation). Challenging the TDP chief Chandrababu to show any reforms his party undertook during its four decades existence, he said during the 34-month rule of the YSRCP government, SC, ST, BC, minorities and many people from rural areas were uplifted from poverty. 

Alleging Chandrababu is running is a pest-infested party, the YSRCP legislator said it has now infested the state. He said the TDP is completing its 40 years of formation, so there’s a need to discuss how Chandrababu reportedly snatched the party from NTR’s family. He said we should also discuss injustices done to the Backward Class community and how the opposition party brutally oppressed the SCs and STs during Naidu’s rule. The discussion should also include the comparative study of welfare and developmental activities of 40 years of TDP and 34 months of YS Jagan’s rule in the state. 

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