Polavaram Project Concrete Works Expedited at Record Pace

11 May, 2021 13:40 IST|Sakshi Post
Latest Pic of Polavaram Project

Andhra Pradesh Water Resources Department officials have expedited the excavation work of the approach channel to divert the flow of the Godavari floodwaters towards the Polavaram project spillway. This channel will be completed after another one crore cubic meters of earthworks are finished. MEIL the company in charge of the Polavaram project has exceeded the target with record level concrete works

The prestigious national project is progressing beyond promises. MEIL exceeded the targeted concrete works. The state government had targeted complete 4,03,160 cubic meters of concrete work in 12 months (April 2020 - March 2021). MEIL has shown its mettle by completing 5,58,073 cubic meters of concrete works. Maximum concrete work done in May, June 2020, and February, March this year, engineering experts surprised as it exceeded the targeted work in every month.

It completed 85,300 cubic meters of concrete in May last year, targeting 53,000 cubic meters even the Covid posed a challenge. It also completed a record level of 1,20,100 cubic meters of concrete work in June 2020, of a target of 70,000 cubic meters. Similarly, in February 2021, it set a target of 47,000 cubic meters of concrete work and completed 83,000 cubic meters. It has set a target of 68,600 cubic meters in March this year and completed 81,200 cubic meters.

It is exceeding the targeted works every month beyond the expectations, moving forward to reach the ambition of realising the Polavaram Project.

Concrete work in cubic meters

Month  Works done Works target

April -20      36783   36783

May -20       85300   53263

June -20      120100 72215

July-20        20800 27798

Aug-20        14500   6148

Sept -20      14670   6444

Oct -20       20058   17607

Nov -20      25997   15691

Dec -20     19000   23036

Jan -21      36705   28513

Feb -21      82956   47047

March -21  81204   68615

Total          558073 403160

Spillway near completion

The world’s largest spillway bridge slab is near completion. Concreting and grouting work in the gallery are in full swing. MEIL has executed 2,82,276 cubic meters of concrete work on the spillway so far, with accurate planning. Out of 48 gates, 42 gates have installed. At the same time, out of 96 hydraulic cylinders, 84 already installed. The remaining 12 cylinders are yet to come from Germany.

Meanwhile, out of 24 power packs, which operate the gates, 13 power pack sets already set up. These power packs can lift 26 gates at once. Each power pack can operate two gates. All the ten sluice gates installation work already finished, and also completed the work of 20 hydraulic cylinders to be fitted for them. To operate these six power packs inducted out of 10. Another four power packs will be inducted soon.

The approach channel works 24/7

The excavation work of the Polavaram approach channel progressing with accurate planning. So far, 40 lakh cubic meters of excavation done on the approach channel with over 300 tippers and 100 excavators working in three shifts. As the upper cofferdam gaps are closing soon and planning to be made to flow the water from the spillway. As part of this exercise, the Godavari river’s natural flow to be diverted 6 km to the right. For this, the approach channel (above the spillway) is very critical. The approach channel works are progressing at a jet speed to meet this challenge. The Central Water Commission (CWC) has increased the targets by four times, and MEIL is executing them on a war footing.

Spill channel works

MEIL, so far, completed 22,7,900 cubic meters of concrete work in the spill channel and excavated about 28,41,785 cubic meters of the earth in the spill channel. At the same time, it has excavated 4,48,487 cubic meters of the most critical 902 mountain.

Correcting the Upper Cofferdam blunders

The AP government is speeding up the work of the upper cofferdam by correcting the engineering blunders made by the previous government. Construction of the Diaphragm wall in the upper coffer dam’s Reach-1 has already wrapped up, and rock filling is in full swing. The Reach-1 structure completed to the elevation of 35 meters. The works underway to build the Reach-2 to a full height of 42.5 meters. In Reach-3, the works of stalling Godavari river flow and Rock-4 rock filling works are in full swing. A total of 5,77,676 cubic meters of rock filling work has been carried so far on this upper cofferdam.

Gap-2 Earth-cum-Rock-fill Dam

The Vibro-compaction works of 11,96,500 cubic meters are executed as part of Gap-2 in the project. It also completed the 1,61,310 cubic meters of sand filling works. The spillway and the earth-cum-rock-fill dam are critical in the Polavaram Reservoir. It is to build on sand dunes on the river Godavari. Due to the rocky ground in very deep, with suggestions of DDRP (Dam Design Review Panel) and the CWC, all the essential works are in full swing.

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