Polavaram Project Estimates For Main Dam Works Revised

20 Apr, 2021 14:00 IST|Sakshi Post

The Andhra Pradesh government on Tuesday issued orders raising the estimates of the main dam of the Polavaram project by Rs 1,657 crore to the changes in the main project. The changes to the designs are estimated to cost an additional Rs 1,656.61 crore.

Former Central Water Commission chairman AB Pandya had inspected the project last month and suggested certain changes to the designs keeping in view the safety of the project. It had also suggested changes to already approved designs of several works, including the construction of earth dam gaps I & III, earth- cum-rock fill dam for gap-II, spill channel, approach channel and pilot channel.

Recently DDRP members proposed new designs after reviewing the Polavaram project.

For example, in the past, only 32 lakh cubic meters of soil was required to be excavated in the Approach Channel, but now it has increased to 1.16 crore as per DDRP guidelines.

Protection measures needed to be taken for the hills on either side of the spillway and spill channel. This apart works for the Gap-1, Earth Dam Construction, Gap-3 Concrete Dam Construction, Protection works in Gap-1 approach area, construction of the spillway with a crest level +25.72, and excavation of the foundations of 960 MW hydroelectric powerhouse, approach channel, intake structure, tailrace pool, tailrace channel were to be done.

The CWC also clarified to the state government that the central government would also reimburse the additional work cost due to changes in the designs of the Polavaram Project. The government has directed the Polavaram authorities to prepare estimates to undertake additional works as per the CWC directives.

On February 4, the government approved proposals submitted by Polavaram project chief engineer Sudhakar Babu to revise the estimated cost of headworks from Rs 5,535.41 crore to Rs 7,192.02 crore against administrative approval accorded for Rs 5,535.41 crores in 2016. The entire cost is said to be within the revised estimates approved by the CWC.

The AP government has revised the estimates with the CWC approvals as some of these works are additionally prescribed by the DDRP.

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