Pawan Kalyan Trying Hard to Right His Wrongs

18 Apr, 2022 14:49 IST|Sakshi Post

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan seems to have fallen into self-defense mode. He is putting in a lot of effort to make people believe that he isn't the adopted of Chandrababu Naidu. Besides, he has to explain to his party cadre that JSP is not a B-team of TDP. 

He recently visited the families of tenant farmers, who committed suicide in the Anantapur district. On the occasion, he was also heard passing comments on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He said something like YS Jagan was the adopted son of the CBI, and the YSRCP leaders were the adopted sons of the court and they were a batch who played shuttle in Cherlapally jail. 

It is clear that whoever wrote the script for Pawan Kalyan must be ignorant,  because if someone benefits from it then they are called an adopted son but if they are in trouble, is there any use in being an adopted son? YS Jagan faced many difficulties in the past after founding the YSR Congress. He took on the might of Sonia Gandhi, who was a powerful leader then. He made it clear that he would continue his odarpu yatra, come what may as he owed it to the people of AP. It is public knowledge what consequences YS Jagan faced for doing so. The angry Congress president got several false cases forged against YS Jagan to put him in trouble. 

 Chandrababu was hand in glove with Sonia Gandhi to file cases against the YSRCP chief. However, YS Jagan did not budge. however. Chandrababu himself had stated during a meeting with his party leaders that YS Jagan invited trouble by going against Sonia Gandhi. Even the late BJP leader Sushma Swaraj had criticized the CBI for filing illegal cases against Jagan in Parliament. When that is the truth, one wonders how YS Jagan can be an adopted son of the CBI. Will the CBI detain the adopted son for sixteen months? Had it been true, would his bail petition be rejected over and over? 

It may be recalled that leading lawyer S Ramachandra Rao had said on one occasion that anyone other than Jagan would have been granted bail within three days. Yet, after suffering so much, he fought against the odds and walked 3648 km to win the love of the people and then came to power with their blessings. Pawan should have responded to the remark made by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. He said that Prime Minister Modi will take care of YS Jagan like his own son. What is Pawan Kalyan to Chandrababu then? It would have been nice if Chandrababu's adopted son Pawan explained this! 

Pawan Kalyan worked hard for Telugu Desam Party's victory in 2014 and got Chandrababu the Chief Minister's post. Pawan Kalyan had the privilege of using chartered flights, thanks to CM Chandrababu Naidu. The then BJP minister Kaminey Srinivas was the mediator. Opponents have criticized Chandrababu on several occasions saying he treated Pawan like an adopted son. Pawan Kalyan visited the capital for a few days and criticized the government over the Farmers' land issue. Once he returned to Hyderabad, he met Chandrababu but did not raise the issue.  Despite serious corruption allegations against Chandrababu and Lokesh sometime back, there is a feeling that Pawan developed a friendship with the TDP by 2019 elections. Although Jana Sena is allies with the BSP and the Left, it is being said that Pawan even fielded candidates on behalf of JSP and CPI after consulting Chandrababu Naidu and as per the latter's directions. 

Many suspects that Pawan was doing so to split the anti-TDP votes.

Chandrababu did not campaign in the constituencies contested by Pawan Kalyan. Likewise, even Pawan Kalyan did not campaign in Chandrababu and Lokesh's constituencies. It was apparent that Pawan would touch upon the same subjects and issues raised by Chandrababu in his rallies. There was a pattern even in the way they criticized the opposition. 

Pawan is trying hard to plot against the YSRCP govt. Pawan currently has ties with the BJP. Now, TDP is trying to get into this alliance. The BJP is angry with the TDP for blaming Prime Minister Modi on several occasions in the past. Ever since the humiliating defeat, Pawan has been trying to reunite the TDP, which is hoping for another chance at BJP's friendship.  So far, he has not been able to say whether his party will go alone or contest with the BJP via an alliance. This is why YSRCP leaders keep criticising Pawan Kalyan. 

Chief Minister YS Jagan also referred to Pawan as an adopted son without mentioning his name. It is learned that Jana Sena Party leaders are unhappy with this development and hence, It is in this context that Pawan tried to drop a hint to his party saying he was not Chandrababu's adopted son. The problem here is that nobody would trust Pawan unless he comes out in the open and clarifies that he is not friends with the TDP. It appears Pawan felt the pinch after CM YS Jagan's adopted son comment and he soon got into a damage control mode.

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