Overnight Charging: E-Bike Battery Explosion Kills One, Injures Three in Vijayawada

23 Apr, 2022 12:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: The electric bikes are turning into mobile bombs. E-bikes are catching fire and exploding even when you put it on charging. The Electric bike-related accidents are now being reported from Telugu states too. Within days of the E-bike battery explosion in which a man was killed and three others wounded, a similar accident involving an E-bike took place in Vijayawada on Friday night. 

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Sivakumar from Suryaraopet had recently bought an electric bike. He had put the EV battery on overnight charging. The battery exploded in the wee hours while he was still sleeping with his wife and two children in the bedroom. Due to the battery explosion, the family was caught in fire. By the time, neighbours could shift the injured to the hospital Sivakumar succumbed to his injuries while his wife’s condition is stated to be critical. The injured children are also undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

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