Nellore: Anandaiah's COVID Medicine In Black Market

23 May, 2021 10:59 IST|Sakshi Post

After knowing that Anandaiah ayurvedic medicine is curing Covid, many people across the state rushed to Krishnapatnam. Taking advantage of this, a few locals began distributing the medicine on the black market.

Some villagers in Krishnapatnam and its surrounding villages are profiting from the demand for Anandaiah's coronavirus medicine by selling it on the black market for Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000.

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Locals claim that in the last four to five days, black marketeers have obtained free medicine from Anandaiah and sold it for money. Families of positive patients are traveling to Krishnapatnam from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and other Andhra Pradesh districts, unaware that Anandaiah has halted distribution of medication after receiving orders from district officials.

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